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Use your guns with safety

Learn not only the safety rules but also how to effectively apply them in combat situations. Discover how to navigate real scenarios, maintain muzzle discipline, and adapt your behavior in different environments.

Shooting fundamentals

This is an important part of ABA's doctrine. This content is highly recommended not only for new shooters but also for experienced marksmen looking to enhance their performance in combat shooting.


You will gain insights into how ABA meticulously teaches shooting fundamentals, allowing you to rectify any mistakes you may make.


Learn to identify weaknesses in the six processes related to shooting, saving time, money, and ammunition during your practice sessions.


Access the desired metrics and build your tactical record to continually evolve, ensuring you reach the level necessary to perform effectively in a fight.

Gun handling

Hitting the target is just the first part of the skills needed to use a firearm in combat.


This course teaches you the best techniques, desired metrics, and the smartest methodology to handle a pistol, rifle, and shotgun in combat.


You'll learn how to draw from both concealed and open carry, how to use your rifle's sling, how to solve malfunctions, perform reloads, and the most important skills you need to have with your firearms beyond marksmanship itself.

This is a life changing oportunity

This is NOT a shooting course. This is NOT only a combat course. What you are going to experience while attending these classes is a complete transformation of the way you see firearms, how you approach your training, and your understanding of what you are supposed to do to protect yourself and your family.


This is a genuine commitment to those who matter to you, to do the best you can to protect them. You will recognize yourself anew after this.

Learn with an unique methodology and doctrine

Stop attending weekend courses expecting to improve your abilities the way you need. There is no black belt formed in a couple of hours. ABA Intl Online will not only provide you with the best techniques ever developed but, more importantly, how to perform them when needed.

Our unique triad (Technique, Method, and Metric) is an irreplaceable tool that enhances your learning curve and enables you to achieve results you never thought possible.

Save time. Save money. Save ammo. Take your training seriously.

Listen to what other students are saying

Vehicle Combat (Civilian)

People often try to mimic military or law enforcement doctrines when they are in civilian environments.


Fighting a robber with your family or friends inside your car is completely different from a military operation.


This course offers a unique doctrine developed for this specific scenario.

Low light combat

Learn light discipline from theory to reality.

Acquire the ability to use lights—whether yours, natural, or third party's—in a way that enhances your chances of winning in combat.


Understand how and when to use a handheld flashlight or a weapon-mounted light.


From physiology to tactics, this is what you need to master in a low-light, life-threatening situation.

Concealed Carry

Many people can execute incredible sub-second draws, but I would bet that in a real situation, they might not draw their pistols in time.

This session will teach you how to execute an efficient drawing pattern, but, more importantly, how to evolve this skill to become confident, consistent, and ready to use when you must act to survive.

Drills are not the end; they are just a piece you need to have to fulfill the machine.

Have access to the state-of-the-art

Have you ever considered the infinite number of shooting techniques available in the market, at ranges, or on the internet? How would you choose between them?

Unless you have full-time dedication and a consistent method to evaluate them, it is impossible. Most people are just guessing based on their feelings.

ABA Intl skeptically tests the techniques presented in the course, so you will have access to a science-based doctrine, state-of-the-art.

Don't waste your time training patterns that won't help you. Trust our principles and make the best use of your training sessions.

What you will learn

  • T-M-M
  • How to use your firearms with safety
  • Combat Shooting Theory
  • Ballistics – Calibers
  • Freedom of Access to Firearms
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Fundamentals of Combat Shooting for Pistols
  • Fundamentals of Combat Shooting for Rifles
  • Fundamentals of Combat Shooting for Pump Action Shotguns
  • Pistol Handling for Combat Shooting
  • Rifle Handling for Combat Shooting
  • Shotgun Handling for Combat Shooting
  • Combat in Unorthodox Positions
  • Movement for Combat Shooting
  • Pre-Hospital Care
  • 360 CQD – Former C.A.R. System
  • Armed Combat in Vehicles
  • Combat in Low Light Conditions
  • Home defense
  • And much more…


    1. When does the course start, and how long does it take to complete?
      • The course is scheduled to be avaiable fron June 24.
    1. Is there a specific schedule for the course, or can I study at my own pace?

      • You have the flexibility to watch the classes whenever and wherever you want, as many times as you need.
    2. What does the course fee include? Are there any additional costs?

      • Your fee grants perpetual access to all content, accordining to the choice you made: the full or partial option.
    3. How do I access the course materials and the online platform?

      • Upon confirmation of your enrollment, you will receive one or more links with all the necessary information.
    4. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the course?

      • This course is exclusively for individuals concerned about their safety and the safety of their families.
    5. What kind of support is available for students during the course?

      • All students have direct contact with the instructor or one of his assistants.
    6. Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied with the course?

      • Absolutely. We offer a 10-day guarantee for a full refund, no questions asked.
    7. Will I receive a certificate upon course completion?

      • Yes, you will be able to print your certificate if you successfully complete the course.
    8. What technology or software is required for the course?

      • You can access the course using smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
    9. How often is the course content updated?

      • There isn't a set schedule for updates. As soon as all classes are available, they will be updated whenever new techniques or relevant information emerge.
    10. Can I access the course after completion?

      • You can access the course as many times as you want.
    11. How do I contact support if I encounter issues during the course?

Who is your instructor?

Lucas Silveira is a Brazilian-Italian shooting instructor who has dedicated his life to transforming people's lives through combat training.

As the President of the DEFENSE Institute in Brazil, he advocated for and provided information on firearms to official government agencies, disseminating crucial knowledge about firearms throughout the country, and championing the fight for gun rights for many years.

As the Founder of the Brazilian Arms Academy, he had the opportunity to train with some of the most influential figures in the global market, teaching hundreds of people for years. Subsequently, he created a highly unique method and doctrine that maximizes people's potential.

The Founder of ABA Intl, Silveira provides high-level combat training worldwide, enabling people to achieve what they didn't believe possible.

As a Kali Silat instructor, he has taught military, law enforcement, and civilians how to use knives and sticks.

Author of the book "Introduction to Combat Shooting" and numerous articles for newspapers and governments.

As the creator of the ABA Method, he has a profound commitment - he calls it vital - to his students, making their relationship and evolution absolutely unique.

Lucas Silveira, chief instructor

How much does it cost?

Normally, ABA Intl Online is an exceptionally comprehensive platform that offers you the best opportunity to learn how to use firearms for combat.

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Those who enroll in ABA Online before February 28, 2024, won't pay $30,000, not even $15,000, not even $4,997, but just $997.

Our content will start being published in mid-2024, and we're making this truly special offer for those who join us from the beginning.

Too good to be true?

Hold on, there's more. This enrollment guarantees you not only access to the content for 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years, but perpetually, forever. And this content will always be available!

You can also enroll in modules separately, starting from $247.

Remember: This price won't last forever. It's valid only for those who enroll by February 2024.

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